Why We're Passionate About Relieving Chronic Pain

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Why We're Passionate About Relieving Chronic Pain

Several years ago, a brushfire burned through a section of Australia, damaging and displacing wildlife. One koala in particular was very badly burned, in a lot of pain, and given a very poor prognosis. After being brought into a vet’s office for treatment, upon recommendation of a friend, the vet tried using a PEMF (or, Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) machine to help the koala. The device worked! Within a few days the koala was responding to this treatment, and after continued care and use, the koala dubbed “Oscar” made a full recovery to be released back into the bush.

That PEMF machine that helped Oscar (Australian parlance is “Oska”) was the prototype for Oska Pulse. Inspired by the koala’s amazing recovery, the founders of Oska Wellness embarked on a journey to help people living in chronic pain.

Over 100 million American adults suffer daily from chronic pain – more than those affected by diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined – and for many, finding a pain management solution that provides relief is an ongoing, if not lifelong, battle. Traditional treatments don’t always work, have harmful side effects or are difficult to access because of the complicated U.S. healthcare system. The use of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy is also limited, even though it is proven to be effective, and because of barriers like education about the technology, access to PEMF machines can typically only be found in clinical settings or the high cost of at-home mats.

Our co-founder, Greg Houlgate, knew first-hand how debilitating pain can be because his own father suffered for years with diabetic wounds and severe edema in his legs. Houlgate was familiar with the pain relieving potential of PEMF and used the same prototype that helped Oscar the koala on his father’s legs. Within one session, they saw significant improvement. The swelling in his dad’s legs was reduced, his pain was significantly relieved and he felt strong enough to go for a walk outside. This was a visible change in his father’s day. Greg was inspired by the possibilities of this technology and knew that with greater access, and portable, at home or on-the-go usage, others in pain could benefit as well. He helped redesign the prototype with a vision for it to be small, lightweight, portable, rechargeable and available to the masses.  Today, Oska Pulse has helped thousands of people get out of pain without drugs. It is doctor recommended, FDA registered and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA) reimbursable.

“Developing Oska Pulse has been a labor of love for me, having witnessed the positive benefits of this technology with my own father and again many times over with our users,” said Greg. “There’s a real chronic pain epidemic in the United States, and an accessible, tech-driven wellness solution like Oska Pulse provides a valuable opportunity to reduce chronic pain at home or on-the-go.”

Greg isn’t the only one that knows how debilitating pain can be and wants to help people live more active lives with less pain. Check out the dozens of passionate testimonials from users around the country who have found relief with Oska Pulse. They were able to get their lives back – maybe we can help you, too!

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