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Oska FAQ

Can I use Oska Pulse with any implantable device?
Do not use the device if you have an implant made from magnetic materials at the site of your pain. However, almost all implants used today are non-magnetic.
How do I turn it on?
To turn Oska Pulse on, press the single button once. Your Oska Pulse will emit a single beep and the internal LED lights surrounding the perimeter will light up and pulse slowly, indicating that the device is now on.
How do I turn it off?
To turn Oska Pulse off, press the single button three (3) times. Your Oska Pulse will emit three (3) short beeps and the internal LED lights surrounding the perimeter will power off, indicating that the device is now off.
What if my Oska Pulse does not light up (turn on) or runs for less than 30 minutes in a session?
If the Oska Pulse lights do not turn on or if it does turn on but does not run for 30 minutes, the device will need to be recharged. Please refer to the User Manual – Charging the Battery. If the problem persists after charging, please contact our eCare team at
When will I need to replace my Oska Pulse device?
The internal battery of the device is tested to last for up to 4 years of regular use. You will need to replace it after the end of battery life.
How many times can I use the Oska Pulse before it needs to be recharged?
A full charge should provide between 15-20 x 30-minute uses.
How does the FDA view Oska Pulse?
Oska Pulse is a wellness and lifestyle product, available without prescription and registered with the FDA as a class I medical device. Oska Pulse is NOT intended to diagnose or treat any medical ailments.

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