How It Works

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy has 60 years of clinical success in relieving pain at the source by pulsing electromagnetic waves at precise frequencies.

How PEMF Works

When cells become distressed from disease, trauma or toxins, they lose their ability to function efficiently. PEMF restores the positive and negative charges in the cell, enabling it to perform its natural function while speeding tissue recovery.

  • Healthy Cell

  • Distressed Cell

  • Restored Cell


100% Drug Free | Doctor Recommended | FSA & HSA Reimbursable

Clinically Proven for Significant Pain Relief

In a randomized, double-blind placebo clinical study, the majority of patients achieved significant pain reduction with Oska Pulse. The study was conducted at the renowned Scripps Pain Institute and validated that Oska Pulse is an effective tool in pain attenuation.

Shurman, J., Wiederhold, BK., Kasendorf, R., Qian, J., Miller, I., Wiederhold, MD. Treating Pain Using the Oska Pulse Device: A Double Blind Clinical Trial Using Placebo. 2018 Feb.

What to Expect

Oska Pulse is easy to use. Simply place on or near the area of pain and use often.

Some people feel relief quickly, and while it may take longer for others, those integrating Oska Pulse into their life will receive the most profound benefit.

With PEMF therapy you won’t feel anything.

Start Living with Less Pain Today

Using the same technology found in your doctor's office, Oska Pulse is portable, shareable and affordable.