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Back Pain

  • I have been very pleased with the results I have experienced using my Oska. After using my Oska, I can tell a big difference in the tightness in my back! I love how I can do many other chores and activities! A great deal for the money!

    - Danny F.

  • The Oska works, no more back pain, no more pain meds. I tried braces, massage therapy, acupuncture, steroid shots, and chiro. Just temporary relief. The Oska was working for me after just 2 weeks. I have now used the Oska for over 3 months. I am now able to go tuna fishing again without pain or fear.

    - James B.

  • I purchased the Oska Pulse at the recommendation of my chiropractor. I use it regularly each day on my lower back and neck and am happy that it is easy to take with me when I travel to help combat the aches that come with hotel beds, planes, etc.

    - Carol R.

  • I am a former gymnast and cheerleader, marathoner, and triathlete and I am approaching back surgery. My OSKA has helped with my daily pain and aches in my back and hip. I am very pleased that I purchased this device and I know that it is helping me. Thank you!

    - Melanie

  • I have found the Oska pulse therapy to be the most effective way to manage chronic pain and stiffness associated with my arthritis. I have been using the product for several months, 2x per day, and have maintained a significant reduction of low back pain and morning stiffness, which I had lived with for eight years.

    - Robert W.

Oska Pulse

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