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Neck Pain

  • It took a while for me to start using it regularly but once I did, WOW what a difference. I’d had chronic pain in my neck/shoulder for 3 years, so bad that I couldn’t write by hand, do anything that required much movement of that shoulder (dance, paint, etc), or even wear a bra without pain. After a couple of months of regular Oska use, I attended a conference and wrote for 2 days straight! That’s when I knew it had worked. Since then I’ve started painting again (which I love) both on canvases, but also I recently painted an entire bedroom (alone) without any pain. I’m back to dancing and even wear a bra when I want to. It’s amazing what Oska has done for me.

    - Julie R.

  • I have been using Oska for about a month. It has helped my neck area and lower back feel much better. I keep it on for an hour or more a day and it has been very easy to use.

    - Victoria F.

  • I was introduced to the Oska Pulse unit some months back after discussing the issue I was dealing with in regards to neck pain and restrictive movement; a problem that has been with me for considerable years and, which I have managed by relying regularly on painkillers and therapeutic rubs to bring relief. Of course this was until using OSKA. I still deal with the issues on a daily basis, however very rarely do I need a painkiller, which is fantastic. I understand my application of Oska will be an ongoing treatment regime, however far better than relying on painkillers.

    - Warrick W.

Oska Pulse

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