Neck Pain

Oska Pulse is suitable for use on all major types of muscle and tissue pain

What is Neck Pain ?

The area known as the neck is actually part of the structure that makes up the spine; a complex arrangement consisting of bone, joints, nerves, muscle, tendons and ligaments surrounding the spinal cord. Like back pain, neck pain is one of the more common complaints people of all ages endure and in most cases, will subside after a few days.

There are various causes of neck pain, which is a symptom of a range of specific medical issues, rather than a disease in itself. When it strikes it can restrict and hinder all aspects of your life – family, social, work, and recreation. Without successful treatment, persistent neck pain can have detrimental effects on the state of mind and mental wellbeing.

Types of Neck Pain

Neck pain is a broader term concerning discomfort anywhere in the neck area, and in some cases extending down to the upper back and shoulder.

Characteristics of neck pain include:

  • Muscle ache or spasm
  • Discomfort in the neck, upper back or shoulders
  • Stiffness in the neck area
  • A reduced range of motion or ability to turn the head
  • Pain that radiates down one or both arms (and sometimes the legs)
  • Headache


Neck pain has many different causes that range from accidental trauma and strain to degenerative disease and infection. It often derives from muscles and ligaments, rather than any significant bone damage where major trauma or injury has not occurred.

Pains associated with muscle and ligament strain or tension can be caused from a range of lifestyle factors including poor posture or sleeping position, or from accidental trauma at work or during recreational activity. Pain can also be attributed to general wear and tear of the bones that make up the neck and is considered a normal part of aging. Specific medical conditions that can also be the cause of pain include whiplash, meningitis, degenerative disc disease, cervical spinal stenosis, cervical spondylosis, herniated disc.

Why Oska Pulse?

  • Portable

    Oska Pulse is a portable, wearable device that targets back pain at its source.

  • Doctor Recommended

    Clinically tested and doctor recommended, it stimulates the muscle and tissue in the back area to encourage repair and relieve aches and pains.

  • Drug Free

    Drug-free, non-invasive and with no known side-effects Oska Pulse utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology – or PEMF – To enable the individual to start living with less pain.

Oska Pulse is FSA and HSA reimbursable.

It can be used complementary to other treatments as part of your overall management plan or as a stand-alone therapy to soothe muscles and relieve aches and pains.

The Technology Behind Oska Pulse

You’re probably asking yourself – why have I never heard of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF)? Although not widely known, PEMF technology has been utilized in the medical community for over 60 years. Electromedicine is slowly making a resurgence in the United States and Oska Pulse is unique in that it is one of the only portable and affordable PEMF devices on the market.

PEMF uses low level electromagnetic waves that target the source of the various types of pain encouraging recovery at a cellular level, speeding up the natural healing processes of your body.

How It Works?

Oska Pulse emits a continuous pulsing field that passes through all tissue types. These fields will also pass through clothing, so Oska Pulse does not have to be directly in contact with your skin. Imagine a pebble being thrown into a lake – small waves radiate from the center until they disappear into the distance.

Similarly, small electromagnetic waves produced by Oska Pulse travel to the pain site to soothe and relieve.

  • Turn on Oska Pulse

  • Place on or near the area of pain

  • Enjoy a 90-minute session

How Is Oska Pulse Used?

Oska Pulse does not need to make direct contact with your skin or even be on your body. The field has a diameter of 22”, so Oska Pulse can be positioned near the area of pain and still be effective. Within 8-10” of the pain is optimal. Oska Pulse offers the flexibility of treatment as you go about your daily activities. Use it at home, on-the-go or in partnership with your doctor.

It can be placed in your pocket or purse depending on where you need pain relief. With the included compression wrap, Oska Pulse can also be worn over or under clothing around the leg, arm or waist. Oska Pulse is powered by a rechargeable battery, just like your cell phone, that is simply charged using the included cable. A full charge takes just 3 hours and will then last for approximately 10 hours of use.

  • Charge the Device
  • Use the Wrap
  • Put on Your Body

Looking Forward

In most people, neck pain will subside within days. Every neck is unique. And in some cases ongoing pain management is a reality, especially with aging. With each case of recurrent or ongoing neck pain it is important to find the treatment – or combinations of treatments – that work for the individual. When this point is reached, most people are able to continue a full active life at work and at play. This is where Oksa Pulse may be able to help.

Oska Pulse is a medical pain relief device.

100% Drug Free | Doctor Recommended | FSA & HSA Reimbursable