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Knee Pain

  • Easy, convenient, and most of all, effective. How wonderful to find a product that is not bulky and hard to use -- doesn’t take a genius to figure out how it works. Thank you Oska for helping me with my knee, plantar fasciitis, ankle and whatever comes up next.

    - Cecilia B.

  • Torn meniscus in my right knee...last 4 months been very painful affecting my sleep also. Was holding off on keyhole surgery as I have had it a few times. My limp was pretty bad so I strapped on the Oska and have been using it between 6 to 8 times a day. Results are stunning – knee pain is gone almost completely. I am walking pain free. Just starting body weight squats with a little discomfort but compared to what it was two weeks ago...well it’s phenomenal!

    - Wayne C.

  • Bone on bone pain in my knee was the reason I purchased an Oska. Initially, using it as directed brought additional discomfort, but, being a healthcare provider I knew that it often happens before the pain-reducing cycle of healing begins. After 4-5 days, the pain was no longer bone-on-bone pain. It had started to change...daily. I now use my Oska once or twice a week to maintain comfort for my knee. Other areas of my body (I am 71 years old) have received benefit from its frequencies as well. Nothing but props for you guys at Oska!!!

    - Michelle B.

  • I have been dealing with bone on bone arthritis in my knees for 18 years. The pain was debilitating. I couldn’t stand or walk without considerable pain. I was taking a medium level opioid with only moderate relief. When I first saw the ad for the Oska, I was very skeptical, but did some research and was interested. Best decision I have made concerning my health. I used it according to the directions and within a few days noticed a difference. I have been using it for about four weeks now, still about four times each day. I am basically pain free and am currently weaning myself off of my pain meds. I went from a skeptic to a believer. I can stand to do dishes, walk a longer distance without experiencing pain and am on my way to a better quality of life. My husband also uses it for his psoriatic arthritis pain and has found almost instant relief.

    - Pamela O.

  • Pain is much less and I wear it all the time. I am rebooting it every 30 mins. I have basically bone on bone with the knee. Next option is a knee replacement. Due to my age that is not an option . I love this tool for my knee pain.

    - Mary R.

Oska Pulse

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