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Muscle Pain

  • My wife and two other family members tried the Oska Pulse. All three of them had great success. Mild to moderate pain was eliminated or minimized. This was predominately arthritis and muscle pain. Great alternative to a TENS unit for my wife who has an electricity phobia. Plus, no gel. No sticky pads. No leads. No wires. Rechargeable battery. I was extremely skeptical at first, but I can’t argue the results!

    - Josh T.

  • I am a weekend warrior and use Oska several nights in a row to relieve stiffness and sore muscles. It works!

    - Belinda L.

  • I have been using the Oska Pulse for a few months now on a variety of sports injuries ranging from muscle and joint injuries to ACL surgery recovery. I have noticed definite improvement in the speed of recovery from these injuries and love the ease of use and portability of the Oska. I would highly recommend to my patients.

    - Brenton P.

  • I strained a calf muscle and used the Oska to speed healing – was easy to use and helped a lot.

    - Lauren H.

Oska Pulse

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Using the same technology found in your doctor's office, Oska Pulse is portable, shareable and affordable.
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