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Joint Pain

  • I’ve been using my little friend Oska for some months now. I have pain in my right hand thumb joint (arthritis) and have been wearing Oska every night strapped to my thumb joint as though holding it in my hand every night, if I wake during the night, I just hit the button and same in the morning. I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and have noticed a remarkable decrease in pain. I still have to be careful how I pick up things or turn the door handle knob, but it’s amazing.

    - Johanna C.

  • Having a joint injury secondary to Hypermobile Ehler’s Danlos disease, I bought the Oska for treatment. After reviewing the research showing it decreases inflammation, my pain management MD thought it was a good idea. It has helped my joint injury and pain, as well as pain from ruptured discs. I highly recommend it to those with either chronic pain or joint inflammation.

    - Leicia R.

  • The Oskar had been a life saver. For years, my husband sent been struggling with arthritis. This device has brought tremendous relief, enabling him to have a good night’s rest I have started using it add as well for relief of joint aches and headaches, and found it to be very effective. Thank you, Oska! Again, a lifesaver.

    - P. Simeri

Oska Pulse

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