Using Oska Pulse is Easy

Consistency is the key to getting the most benefit from your device.

3 Easy Steps to Pain Relief

Turn on the device

Place on or near area of pain

Go about normal activity

Drinking water regularly helps your body maximize the benefits gained from using your Oska Pulse.

Frequent Use is Recommended

Pain Status Frequency of Use
I Have Pain 2+ times per day
My Pain Is Improving 1-2x per day
My Pain Is Almost Gone 1x per day
Maintenance As Needed

Download a 30-Day Tracker to help with your progress.
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You Won't Feel a Thing—Except Pain Relief

Oska Pulse is designed to be fully integrated into your lifestyle so that you can benefit from it anytime, wherever you are. The device is safe to use as often as necessary (cannot overuse) and there are no reported side effects.

PEMF therapy works differently for everyone. Some users experience relief within a few days, and others may take a few weeks or more.

With Oska Pulse you won't feel any heat, pulsing or tingling. Some may notice a slight warming of the area due to increased blood flow.

How To

  • Charge the Device

  • Use the Wrap

  • Put on Your Body

More Questions?

Oska Pulse

Start Living with Less Pain Today

Using the same technology found in your doctor's office, Oska Pulse is portable, shareable and affordable.
  • • 100% Drug Free
  • • Doctor Recommended
  • • FDA Registered
  • • FSA & HSA Reimbursable