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Julie, age 50.

Lower back pain

Julie is a registered nurse at the UCSD Medical Center.  She works in the operating room, specializing in abdominal, liver, and kidney transplants.

 Julie primarily wears her Oska Pulse while at work. “There is a lot of heavy lifting every day.  From instrument trays to moving patients around—it takes a toll on my back. I put Oska Pulse on with the strap and keep it around my waist all day at work – even during coffee and lunch breaks.  I also work out every morning, doing cross fit exercises at the gym.  Rowing and weight training for the most part.  Oska Pulse works great for my post-workout recovery.”

 Julie is a Southern California native who is married with two teenage children.  The family lives in Oceanside, which is just a few miles from the beach. “We love being so close to the ocean.  We bring our two dogs to walk along the beach and we go on various hikes.  My Oska Pulse is always with me – at work and play.  The relief I’m getting with Oska Pulse has been amazing.  My lower back thanks you, Oska Wellness!”