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What Our Clients Say

What Our

Clients Say

I could not be more grateful than I am about Oska Pulse. Knee surgery in recent years, and bulging discs in my neck, made it hard for me to do things I wanted around the house and yard. Oska sits by my knee while watching TV and is tucked under my pillow at night to help my neck. I am mowing the yard again and sleeping peacefully through the night. Everybody who sees me wearing my Oska usually asks "what is that" and boy do I tell them! Thank you!

- Janet M.

I'm an ex-athlete turned coach for my lil girl's soccer team. I started developing pretty significant back pain immediately after practices and games due to being on my feet, running after balls, putting up nets, etc... all the things coaches do... I tend to shy away from medications (even aspirin), so my neighbor who operates a wellness center suggested I try OSKA Pulse. Its been three weeks since I first started using the OSKA and it has become a post practice / game ritual for me. It has completely stopped the pain I was feeling...great product that really helped me out.

- Coach w.

I have been working hard to rebab my left by psoas muscle with icing, Ibuprofen, deep tissue massage. What also seems to aggravate the situation is long car rides, so for the 6 hour drive to Wildflower Triathlon this past weekend I fortunate enough to use have my new Oska Pulse along for the ride. What a difference it made! When I arrived at Lake San Antonio I got out of the car pain free. The next morning I ran the very challenging long course trail run and again I was pain free. Driving home after a long weekend of standing on my feet 12-14 hours announcing the event I again used my Oska Pulse. When I arrived home I was still pain free. R=The Oska Pulse has done what all the other rebab attempts couldn't, I am now a true believer.

- Julie Moss.

Since using the Oska my shoulder pain is almost completely gone. I was recently able to throw a football with my boys with no issues. I have not ever been able to do that before without not being able to use it for days after.

- Chad Robinson.

I started using Oska because i had a minor strain in my hamstring. I am a professional athlete preparing for the Olympics and i was worried that this would hamper my season drastically. After 4 days using the Oska, i was able to sprint again and gained full range of motion in my leg. My strides have definitely improved. I now use it before and after practice in the car for about 20 mins. This has truly aided my recovery and has allowed me to continue to perform at a high level.

- Damon Mclean.

With years of dealing with hip pain from a sports related injury, I can now get relief drug free. It's small enough to take anywhere you go and hold a charge for hours!

- Justin.

Having been plagued with right hip discomfort, usually ending in getting a chiropractic adjustment, I found the Oska Pulse to be relieve the pain .

- George Knop.

My oska is a convenient, drug free option for immediate of my shoulder pain!

- Justin.

I've been using Oska for about 4 weeks now and feel a significant difference in my pain levels. I bring is with me wherever I go use it 3 to 5 times a day.

- Colin.

I have a history of back pain with occasional flare ups that last a couple weeks at a time. I used the Oska Pulse for one evening, the day after the initial onset of a flare up. My expectations were that it would only marginally help, but when I woke up 90% of the pain was gone, and that was only after about an hour usage. I used the OskaPulse again the next day for a couple hours and I can honestly say I had close to 100% relief!

- Michael Bentley.

I'm extremely impressed and absolutely recommend this product.

- Darren Wedge.

I have used for several years a similar product to great effect with my sports injuries. This new Oska Pulse supercedes the other product, is so much easier to use, significantly cheaper and with the new technology will I am sure be even more effective. Very pleased.

- Lori C..

I loaned it to my stepdaughter who hasn't had a good night sleep in months because of pain caused by a horrific fall from the top of a ladder. The first night she used it, she was able to sleep through the night. She may buy one too.

- Chong L..

The cold weather started two months ago and with it a sharp pain in the heel of my foot and ankle. I have been using the Oska on the area and it feels good during and after the treatment. Oska enables me to keep walking and kicking the football, but the pain would return and I would put the Oska on again.

- Modris T..

I was not expecting a quick miracle fix, but after using the device for the last two months, I am happy to say that I have been pain free for the last 3 days and i feel more energised to take on the day. Thanks Oska

- Philip M..

We ordered Oska and it arrived whilst I was away, which was a problem because my wife got to it first and I had troubles getting it off her. She was using it on her ankle which she had recently sprained, it provided immediate relief and increased mobility. It took a few more sessions but helped her ankle heal faster in our opinion.

- Michael B..

I finally got it and put it to work on my lower back which I hurt in the gym a year ago. I noticed improvement in my back straight away and with continued use my back has felt a lot better.

- Damien D..

I've also used it on sore and tight muscles after big crossfit sessions and it definitely helped free up the muscles, kind of like a massage, except with out having to make time for an appointment and saving on the cost.

- Vicki M.

We've been using Oska for about a month now and I didn't want to write a review until we'd given it a really good test. But I'm happy to say it works for us!

- Lauren H..

I've started to lend to a few friends too so they can see the benefit and had good reports from them as well!

- Belyavsky I..

I love the device and think it helps to reduce pain and soreness!! I’m 51 and still am very active doing triathlons and 1/2 marathons so I love the alternative means to help recover!

- Rich H..

This product is really easy to use and it helps to alleviate my neck and knee pains. Thanks Oska Wellness!

- Victoria F..

Great product for aches and pains

- Jim S..

I really like this product. I can definitely feel the difference when I use it. It really helps decrease the pain and even takes it away if I use it frequently. Definitely worth the money!

- Tom.

The Oska was recommended to me by a physio and it seems to have improved my knee functioning to the point where I am now running again. I'm using it after every run and my recovery seems effortless.

- Mike Hicks.

I have been using Osca Pulse on my hamstring and ankle, and it.definately has been getting me back on the soccer field faster than ever before.

- Steven M..

The Oska Pulse is wonderful for my aches and pains. By ensuring I followed the instructions I had had a great result with my back pain. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a way of controlling pain relief in a non-invasive manner.

- Melanie.

“I love your product. I used Oska Pulse during the PGA Show and felt it helped with my soreness in my back and knees during the long days on the floor. Since then I've used it every day. I use Oska when I have an ache and I've found it helps me at night when my knee is sore. When I wake up in the morning, the ache is gone. I've shared Oska with my friends. I tell them about your guarantee and how it's a win/win situation. I hope they will soon be ordering Oska Pulse,” Vicki M.

- Pat.

I strained a calf muscle and used the OSKA to speed healing - was easy to use and helped a lot.

- Johanna C..

I tried many different methods for my lower back pain. This one is really work and I can swing my club without being afraid for back pain.

- Greta S..

I injured the inside of my right foot from running. Using Oska allowed me to recover faster than using ice or by just being sedentary. Great recovery product!

- Carol R..

I have been using Oska for about a month. It has helped my neck area and lower back feel much better. I keep it on for an hour or more a day and it has been very easy to use.

- Tristyn.

Many mornings I wake up with lower back pain. Many days it can take all day for my muscles to loosen up and feel 100%. With the Oska Pulse it cuts that time down to 30-60 minutes.

- Gabriella T..

I hurt my back some months ago I was in a lot of pain to the point were I could not move some days .I started some physio and exercise and had some relief .after 5 weeks I was at work driving and my back went I could not move .A friend suggested I try this machine so after staying in bed for the weekend and using the OSKA I was able to move almost pain free .Now I use it on regularly basis and have been able to play golf at time pain free .Had I known about this product I would have used it sooner LOVE IT

- Catherine B..

I think the Oska is great. My wife bought one in Carlsbad, California last month and we use it all the time. It really works and we highly recommend for anyone with pain.

- Bob R..