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  • Oska Pulse wearable pain relief device gets the job done drug-free

    We are not immortal – that much is established since the beginning of mankind, as the cycle of life and death repeats itself with each generation. Growing old might open us up to a world of senior citizen discounts and other treats, but it also comes with a price – for those of us who have not taken good care of our bodies when we were young, we might end up with all sorts of different ailments and aches all over our bodies. In order to manage pain, we then have to gulp down a collection of painkillers, which could make us hooked on them in the long run. Perhaps there is a better way of doing things – and San Diego-based Oska Wellness has come up with its Oska Pulse, an innovative wearable pain relief device that has been specially designed in order to assist in reducing muscle stiffness, temporarily relieve minor pain and increase mobility.



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