Oska Wellness Wraps Up Its First CES

Oska Wellness Wraps Up Its First CES

LAS VEGAS, Nev. – There were more than 180,000 who attended the gigantic, four-day CES show, which gave Oska Wellness countless opportunities to make a good first impression at the largest consumer technology convention in the world.

So that’s exactly what happened. Once the doors to the Sands Convention Center flew open Tuesday, many in the never-ending groups of people that gathered in front of Oska’s colorful booth learned more about the cutting-edge pain relief device and still others were introduced to the Oska Pulse for the first time.

“It was really amazing,” said Greg Houlgate, CEO/President of Oska Wellness. “We’re so new in the market, everyone requires an education of what we are. They may know tech at some level, but PEMF [the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology that the Oska Pulse uses] has been wrapped in clinical so long, consumers were unaware of it. They’re versed into tech, but they don’t know how it might impact them until you teach them.”

Oska Wellness fielded a team of experts at the booth who demonstrated the device, explained its benefits and answered a whole lot of questions, most often hearing this one: ‘What is it?’

It’s a pain relief device, an innovative and unique one, of course.

“We’re really at the very early stages of telling people what the Oska Pulse can do for them,” Houlgate said.

The numbers of technology products on display at the CES show was great, but at the same time, there were often many examples of the same type of devices. That was clearly not the case for Oska – the only non-invasive, easy-to-use, and wearable medical pain relieving device among the more than 4,000 companies that took part.

Said Houlgate: “There was only one Oska here.”

Gregory Battle, who is Oska’s chairman of the board, wasn’t sure what he expected to occur in Oska’s first appearance at CES. But he was touched by what he actually found out.

“My expectations at the beginning, I really didn’t have any,” Battle said. “What I wanted, though, was to have the opportunity to build our brand awareness. The consumer’s thing is ‘Does it work?’ and “How long have you been around?’ and ‘Why haven’t we heard of the product?’ and ‘Where can I acquire one?’ and ‘What pain does it treat?’

“Now they know,” he said. “This is a watershed moment for us.”

That much is very true, agreed Darren Wedge, a Director of Oska Wellness. “We wanted to get a broader coverage of Oska and it’s been an exceptional success here. The surprising thing was the acceptance and the willingness of the people to listen.”

Visitors to the Oska booth also asked about the Oska Pulse Active App that’s going to make its debut this spring. Among other factors, the mobile app provides a “pain tracker” and makes it easier to better manage their personal progress in fighting their chronic pain.

Houlgate said Oska is out front in the arena of providing a non-invasive, non-drug, safe and easy solution to solving their chronic pain, which affects more than 100 million people in the U.S. alone. The pain, Houlgate said, is real. He said he could “see it in the eyes” of many who came to the Oska booth looking for answers.

“Getting the word out, it’s been really powerful,” Houlgate said.

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