Wouldn't you be interested in a product that could ease or even eliminate your ill aches and pains? I've had chronic pain for 20 years. That's why I tried an inno-vative new product, the Oska Pulse. Oska is a wearable pain-relief solution developed to reduce muscle stiffness and inflammation, help ease chronic pain and increase mobility. It optimizes pulsed elec-tromagnetic fields (PEMF), allowing people to live a more active, pain-free lifestyle. Its small (the size of a cell phone and just as light), portable, drug free and has no side effects. To ensure the finest quality control, it's made in the USA. Oska was designed for convenience; people use it while work-ing, relaxing at home or on a leisurely walk. I even wear it when I play golf!




Oska's unique method of delivery mimics the electrical currents we produce naturally. Decades of research has shown that PEMF signals pass through bone and all other tissue virtually unaltered, opening cells to receive more nutrients and oxygen. Oska was designed to address specific areas of the body, especially the major joints most susceptible to injury or degenerative issues. Though the technology isn't new, the con-figuration Oska uses definitely is. "Sequential Protocol Programming," is a unique delivery method utilizing four frequencies specifically related to muscle ease, bone repair, capil-lary dilation and pain reduction. By helping release the body's natural endorphins, Oska reduces pain, promoting increased range of motion. By dilating blood vessels, it helps reduce inflammation. The increased oxygen rich blood flow promotes muscle recovery.




Dr. Joseph Shurman (Chairman of Pain Management at Scripps Memorial Hospital) began by using Oska on a variety of patients to see what type of relief they might experi-ence. "Surprisingly, the majority of these patients got relief. I have found it to be beneficial for the hand, elbows, knees and backs. Hip and shoulders are other areas it's successful with." Dr. Shurman indicated that at least 70% of his patients who used the product got relief. He adds, "I don't know of any other product of its kind that has this kind of literature behind it, more than I've ever seen for an alternative form of therapy.




Prominent athletes have had spectacular results. Rod Dixon's highlights include taking a bronze medal at the Munich Olympics and winning the 1983 New York City Marathon. Rod says, "Oska works with the synergy of the body and helps you to heal. I don't have to go to a physical therapist or be hooked up to wires. Oska is something you can add to your routine and it complements anything you do. I find that my hip, lower back and my knees all require support from Oska. If I go out for an hour and a half or two-hour bike ride, I don't hurt like I used to. Every step of the way, Oska is with me. Over the course of time I've been using Oska, I've noticed an improvement in my recovery time and a noticeable lessening of pain, absolutely!"

Boris Said won the 24 Hours of Daytona in 1997 and 1998 and won his first NASCAR Nationwide Series race at the 2010 NAPA Auto Parts 200 in Montreal. Referring to rac-ing for 30 years he relates, "It beats you up and twists the body. Since last year I've had a really stiff neck, where I could barely turn. I could never get it fixed. A friend gave me an Oska. I put it on three spots on my neck for 30 minutes each and the next day my neck was 90% better! I couldn't believe it. Now I use it on everything that hurts and my neck is 100%. It's pretty amazing. The product speaks for itself." Oska has worked especially well on my knees, hips and back, though everybody's experience could be different. If you're experiencing pain of any kind, Oska is definitely worth trying. The company is offering an unconditional, 90-day money back guarantee. If you're not completely satisfied, return the product. The company will even pay the return shipping. The only thing you risk los-ing. is your pain.

For a limited time, purchase an Oska Pulse for $399.  (plus free ship-ping in the US and Australia). 

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