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Chronic Pain

  • I really like this product. I can definitely feel the difference when I use it. It really helps decrease the pain and even takes it away if I use it frequently. Definitely worth the money!

    - Linda F.

  • I have late stage Lyme disease and severe arthritis. After using the Oska Pulse for about a month my pain levels have been reduced by half! I cannot wait to see the improvement after a longer period of use! Thank you Oska Wellness for a fantastic product that actually works!

    - Valerie B.

  • I battle CRPS, fibromyalgia, sacroiliac joint dysfunction and a plethora of back issues as well as a history of 23 surgeries. I have found the Oska Pulse to provide amazing results in the above areas! I am now able to dress myself without having to lie in bed, but can now do so balancing on one leg! I’m also able to participate in activities with my young child and enjoy myself. I’m finally looking forward to a much more comfortable future, thanks to Oska Pulse!

    - Lisa M.

  • I have chronic lower back pain. My job does not allow me to “rest”. I am on my feet at least 12 hours a day. Every evening, I use Oska on my lower back. It is unbelievable how a device that is so light weight and makes no sound can provide an immense amount of relief. I highly recommend this product!

    - Suzy

  • I had been suffering with chronic pain in my ankle from a car accident for decades. Anything more strenuous than a walk would cause a flare-up and inflammation, to the point where even the thought of climbing stairs was a horror. The Oska relieved my discomfort, allowing me to be able to be active again. Thank you so much for your invention.

    - Tricia T.

  • I’ve been using Oska Pulse daily for the last 2 months and I am excited to express how much relief it has given me from my world of chronic pain. Not only do I suffer with nerve and muscle pain from Lyme’s disease, but I am a 3x triathlon world champ, pushing my body to extremes and forcing it to endure the unthinkable. Because of its portable nature, I use Oska while I’m driving, while I’m watching TV, even when I’m coaching athletes! I can’t say enough about the impact it has had on my life so far.

    - Leslie P.

Oska Pulse

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