Back and neck pain. Hip and knee pain.

Sciatica and nerve pain. Arthritis. Tendonitis.

Bone fractures, degenerative discs and surgery recovery.

Plantar Fasciitis. Edema.

General aches and pains of the joints and muscles.

Training recovery, recreational athletics and even professional Olympic preparation.

These are just some of the applications customers have found significant, lasting relief for with Oska Pulse.

Since its launch in 2016, Oska Pulse has been a final destination for many ongoing pain sufferers in their journey of discovery for effective pain management.

By specifically targeting the area causing pain with precise magnetic wave frequencies, Oska Pulse uses utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) technology to alleviate pain and assist in tissue regeneration.

And after 4 years our success in effective pain management and treating its underlying causes is evident across the globe. People all over the world are turning to Oska Pulse for relief of various pain profiles where more traditional approaches including drugs and surgeries have often failed them. With units now purchased in 22 different countries, and the recent opening of Oska Wellness offices and facilities in India, Oska Pulse is truly a global phenomenon.

Also phenomenal is the many different conditions for which our patients are discovering new-found relief for with Oska Pulse.

As with all giant leaps forward in science and technology, Oska has had to face scrutiny and in its relative infancy prove itself to medical doctors, researchers and sceptics alike.

Based on user feedback and survey data, Oska Pulse has successfully been used to treat many various conditions relating to specific areas including:

  • Head and neck
  • Back and spine
  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist
  • Hand
  • Hip
  • Leg
  • Knees
  • Ankle
  • Foot
  • Muscle
  • Nerve

In fact, according to a recent survey*, 48% of customers have reported significant results within just a few days up to a week – and 64% in two weeks or under. Overall, an overwhelming 84% of all respondents reported significant pain relief attributed directly to use of Oska Pulse.

And as many ongoing pain sufferers can relate to, Oska Pulse has a marked effect on quality of sleep with over 30% of survey respondents claiming improved sleep since they’ve been using the device.

While the power of PEMF has been used is clinical settings for over 60 years for a wide range of conditions, through extensive research and development Oska Pulse has managed to place the power of PEMF into a palm-sized unit.

Before Oska Pulse, PEMF machines were large and bulky, often confined to clinical settings where the patient had to remain stationary while undergoing treatment.

Now, with Oska Pulse, the power of this remarkable technology emanates from a device the size of your smartphone - portable and rechargeable, and drug-free with no side-effects.

Typically, people discover PEMF and Oska Pulse after time spent – sometimes years and years – trying traditional methods including surgeries and ongoing specialist consultations, or to try and lessen dependency on, or to prevent the use of prescription drugs and over the counter pharmaceuticals.

Move forwards on your pain management journey. Try Oska Pulse and experience the results for yourself today - it just may be the phenomenon you have been searching for.

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*Oska Wellness Customer Survey Oct 2018

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