Self Managing your Health and Well Being to Help Self Defence

Self Managing your Health and Well Being to Help Self Defence

As we strive to achieve an overall sense of wellness it is important to dedicate a focus on its individual parts - the key areas such as mental, social and physical well being.With these three areas so closely dependent upon each other, neglecting any one area can have a detrimental effect on success in the others.

And as societal trends in health and medicine move towards more patient centric models of treatment and care with telehealth services and self-monitoring devices for example, it is also important to introduce and develop methods that you can use to manage your own personal health and well being.

By taking greater control of your own health and well being from all key angles, you can help ensure that you are at peak physiological fitness in the event of illness or injury, and that you give yourself the best possible chance of a full recovery.

While in many cases it can seem easier to attain short term satisfaction in the areas of mental and social well being, it is arguably more difficult to attain ongoing physical well being where peak physical fitness free from injury and disease is the overarching goal.

Now that is not to say that mental and social health and well being are easier to attain and maintain.

Clearly they are not.

But, over the shorter term steps can be taken that provide immediate solutions to address shortcomings in mental and social well being.

If you are feeling down you can adopt behaviours that pick up your immediate mood. For example an activity or hobby you enjoy may be all that is needed to lift your spirits.

If you are feeling isolated or lonely, you can arrange a catch up with friends or family or join local interest groups as a way to connect with people in your community.

However physical health is a somewhat different proposition.

Put simply, you cannot address your physical health immediately; it is something that has to be considered over the longer term – you can’t just go for a run or eat a well-balanced meal and expect to look and feel healthier after.

You have to commit to a wide-ranging regime that addresses diet, exercise and even sleeping patterns in order to maintain peak physical fitness. This has to be adhered to over the long term; you can’t exercise every so often and eat right a few times a week, you have to make a determined lifestyle choice when it comes to the physical aspect of your overall well being.

And, often, physical fitness is key to your mental and social well being. Feeling fit and healthy and looking good in the mirror helps with self-esteem and seeing yourself in a positive light.

Joining a gym or sports club is a social experience in itself. Organized group fitness with friends offers more motivation to keep to a routine – and this helps a great deal with maintaining social well being through interaction and a shared experience with others.

So with physical fitness as a cornerstone of overall well being, a key part of maintaining physical exercise is the recovery from and prevention of injury, and effective pain management of those little niggles in the muscles and joints that can keep you from an ongoing routine.

It makes sense to employ every available resource to keep on track and keep minor injuries and pains that prevent you from reaching your fitness – and overall wellness – goals at bay.

Our own Oska Pulse can play an integral part here. It is perfect for anyone who places a high degree of importance upon self-reliance in their exercise injury recovery and pain management.

Wearable, rechargeable, and about the size of your smart phone, Oska Pulse utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology – or PEMF for short – to target pain at its source and speed recovery at a cellular level to keep you moving, keep you motivated and keep you healthy. With Oska Pulse in your kit bag you can take control of your overall well being and help keep peak physiological condition – the first line of defence whenever illness or injury strike!

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