Ways to Reduce Pain While Traveling

Ways to Reduce Pain While Traveling

Whether traveling for summer vacation or business, those who live with back pain know all too well that their condition can be worsened or aggravated by what this entails. Racing through airports with heavy bags, hoisting bags into overhead compartments, sleeping in a different bed and sitting motionless for hours, cramped in car or plane seats, can take a toll. If you suffer from pain and are looking for ways to improve the experience of traveling, see our five tips for pain relief below:

  1. Stay hydrated by bringing an empty, reusable bottle. Proper hydration is key. Packing an empty, reusable water bottle is environmentally friendly, cost effective, and will help you drink more water while you travel. Once through security, find a water bottle filling station or ask your flight attendant to fill up your bottle on the plane.
  2. Use Oska Pulse to relieve pain using PEMF technology. Now with 90-minute pain relief PEMF sessions, it’s easier than ever to use the TSA-Approved Oska Pulse while you travel to relieve pain. Wear the device near the source of your pain, or around your natural waist for back pain, and simply turn the device on! Rest assured, the device doesn’t create any sensation, or make any noise, and offers 20 hours of battery life for continued used on-the-go.
  3. Control the temperature. Flying is uncomfortable enough for those who live with back pain. Why do they have to blast freezing cold air, too? The cold air is for the greater benefit of all travelers, however for some the chilled air can also cause tension and body stiffness, which in turn leads to pain. Traveling in layers or packing a blanket can help. Not only will the more comfortable temperature help you relax, warmth has been shown to help relieve pain.
  4. Keep moving. While it may feel disruptive to others, getting up from your seat during a flight for a walk up and down the aisle, seated or standing stretches and even just a visit to the restroom can help muscles and joints stay loose. Check out these easy but effective stretches before your next flight so you’re prepared if the “fasten your seatbelt sign” prevents you from walking around the cabin.
  5. Pack healthy snacks. Airport and gas station convenience stores are often a hub for high sugar, processed foods. Prepare for your trip with healthy snacks and meal replacements that can keep you fueled, satisfied and reduce your potential intake of unhealthy foods.

We know that for those who live with back pain, traveling for vacation or business can be painful and rife with anxiety or dread. Everyone’s pain is unique, but we hope that these five tips will help. Leave a comment on our Facebook or Instagram if you have other suggestions for how those with pain can find relief on-the-go @OskaWellness. For more information about how Oska Pulse helps to relieve pain, please visit www.oskawellness.com.


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