What is PEMF and How Does It Work?

What is PEMF and How Does It Work?

If you experience pain, you’ve likely tried a variety of different solutions to find relief. You may have even tried Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, or PEMF, therapy at your doctor’s office or at home with our Oska Pulse device. Whether or not you have used PEMF technology in your pursuit to manage your pain, we are here to help you understand what it is and how it works to relieve pain. It is important to be aware of all the different options available in today’s increasingly innovative and tech savvy world, and PEMF is an important one, clinically proven to relieve pain.

What is PEMF?

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Field, therapy uses low-level electromagnetic waves that are clinically proven to work at the source pain, accelerating the body’s ability to repair injured cells and increasing blood flow. This means that rather than just masking the pain like many other pain management solutions do, PEMF therapy relieves pain by speeding your body’s ability to recover. And unlike medication that has side effects, PEMF technology has no known side effects and cannot be overused. The technology has been a trusted solution for pain management and tissue regeneration for decades but has been most commonly used in doctors’ offices and clinics and wasn’t previously available over the counter for patients to use on-the-go.

How Does It Work and What Does It Do?

Simply put, PEMF works at the cellular level to relieve pain. However, to dive a bit deeper, let us take you back to 10th grade biology for a moment. The cell is the basic building block of all life. There are between 70 and 100 trillion cells in the human body and around 200 different types. Cells build tissue, organs and bones, and consist mainly of water, collagen and minerals. Most cells, except the ones in the brain, have a short life span and renew themselves constantly. For proper function and cell renewal (or division), cells need a healthy functioning metabolism.

Active "transporter" channels in cells open or close according to small electrical potentials that develop across the cell membrane in accordance with movement. In each of our joints, compression and decompression of the cells (called the proteoglycan matrix) create what are called “voltage differentials” that open or close gates in the channels, thus controlling the flow of nutrients and waste products in and out of the cell. A healthy cell produces positive and negative charges required for the exchange, which takes place through these special gates or channels, of potassium, sodium and calcium ions. Healthy cells maintain this potential through active ion movement. Cellular metabolism is negatively affected when electrical potentials are lost through injury or degenerative issues.

PEMF speeds the body’s natural recovery processes. In order to stimulate and speed cellular regeneration, PEMF mimics the body’s own electrical energy, restoring the electrical potentials needed for optimal ion exchange.

How Can I Use PEMF to Reduce My Pain?

Luckily, you no longer need to spend your time in the doctors’ office or spend money on expensive at-home machines to experience the benefits of PEMF technology. Compact, wearable devices like Oska Pulse make the therapy portable and convenient for use at home or on-the-go. You just press the “on” button, strap it to your body or put it in your pocket, and go – while your body gets a 90-minute session! Sessions are completely safe and you can use it as often as you like.

Our device is also affordable, sharable and rechargeable. This means you can have one device for your household, don’t have to buy additional supplies or refill anything between uses, and the cost can be reimbursed by Health Savings Accounts or Flexible Spending Accounts, if you have them. You also don’t need a prescription and can purchase it yourself, though devices from your doctor are available.

Clinically proven to relieve pain using PEMF technology, Oska Pulse is a simple and easy to use solution, designed to go everywhere the user does (though it’s not waterproof!) to effortlessly deliver pain relief anytime, anywhere. You can learn more about how our PEMF device works here.

Everyone’s battle with pain is unique and different, but if you haven’t tried PEMF technology yet, we encourage you to test it out to see if it makes sense as part of your toolkit to help you manage your pain.

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