How To Be Pain Free By 2020

How To Be Pain Free By 2020

With less than two months until the New Year, now is the perfect time to commit to reducing your pain. Since we are committed to providing solutions to help people live more active lives with less pain, we’re here to support your journey with this guide on how to be free of aches and pains by 2020:

  1. Commit to light, low-impact exercise regularly. While it seems counterintuitive, light exercise can diminish pain in the long term by improving muscle tone, strength and flexibility. Plus, too much rest can actually increase pain and put you at greater risk of injury when you try to be active again. While it’s important to stay within your limits and not push yourself too hard, light exercise such as swimming, walking and yoga with low impact on the joints can be beneficial in your journey to relieving pain by the New Year. Research from the National Institute of Health found that yoga in particular was very helpful for people with low-back pain as it helped to strengthen their back and core muscles. You can read more about how exercise can help to relieve pain here.
  2. Pain can often be made worse by stress and anxiety, but some mind-body therapies may be right for you. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is a psychotherapy treatment that changes patterns of thinking or behavior to positively to affect the way a person feels. It can help manage how you think and react to your pain, which may be able to reduce your stress and anxiety about it as pain can often be made worse by these emotions. A cognitive behavioral therapist can help you explore your negative thinking patterns and identify what triggers them so you can develop strategies to combat these patterns.
  3. Try Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapy. PEMF technology is a trusted and clinically proven solution for pain management that is known to relieve pain using safe and precise low energy frequencies that restore cell efficiencies and repair injured cells. The technology also has no known side effects and provides a safe, effective and affordable alternative to medication, which is helpful for people looking to relieve their pain without drugs. Our wearable Oska Pulse incorporates this technology in a portable, shareable, lightweight device that’s non-invasive and easy to use at home, at work or on-the-go.

By incorporating the tips that work best for you into your daily routine, we’re hopeful that you can be well on your way to relieving your pain by 2020. To learn more about how Oska Pulse uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy to relieve pain, please visit

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