Pain Relief On-The-Go For Holiday Travel

Pain Relief On-The-Go For Holiday Travel

During the holiday season, more than a third of Americans, a projected 112.5 million people, will be traveling via road, train or car to visit family, friends and more. Whether you’re in cramped quarters, sitting in the same position for extended periods of time, or sleeping in new bed, travel can cause or aggravate pain – including back, knee, shoulder and neck pain. As you prepare to hit the road or hop on a plane during the last six weeks of the year, consider these pain management tips for travel:

  1. Be open about any limitations and advocate for yourself. If you are traveling with family or friends, make sure they know about your pain and best practices for managing it so that they can support you and plan inclusive activities. Don’t be afraid to speak up for yourself and rest when you need it, as pain can often be made worse by stress such as travel and overexertion.
  2. Comfort is key. Whether you are flying, driving or taking the train to your final holiday destination, comfort is key to keeping pain at bay. Wear loose-fitting clothing while you travel and use a lumbar cushion or neck pillow when sitting for long periods of time to try to ease the tension on your back. Stretch as often as possible, typically at least once an hour, by stopping at rest stops or walking the aisles of the plane.
  3. Don’t leave your Oska Pulse at home! Oska Pulse is TSA-approved and has 20 hours of battery life, so it is super easy to bring it along with you on your holiday travels to relieve pain as you go. Plus, Oska Pulse is compact – about the size of a smartphone – so it won’t take up room in your carry-on or get in the way during layovers, seat changes and other unpredictable elements that can come with traveling, especially during such a busy time of the year.
  4. Avoid handling heavy luggage as much as possible, especially if you have back pain. Pack light if you can, though we know that is difficult for long trips or travel to locations with colder weather, and avoid lugging around heavy luggage. Take advantage of curbside check-in services for air travel, check your bags if possible, and ask for assistance if you need to hoist anything into an overhead bin. If you are traveling alone or must otherwise handle your own luggage, use protective lifting techniques such as bending at the knees rather than the waist, carrying items close to the chest and always lifting with the legs rather than the back, which can strain muscles.

As you travel to visit loved ones this winter, our hope is that these tips can help you have a wonderful holiday season and help you manage your pain. To learn more about how Oska Pulse uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy to relieve pain, please visit

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