Oska Pulse: Recover Faster from Strenuous Workouts

Oska Pulse:  Recover Faster from Strenuous Workouts

There is a direct line that can be drawn between an active life and a healthy life, so it’s not surprising that a growing segment of our population is trending toward trying some sort of physical activity to produce positive results.

But what if those results sometimes have a negative after-effect?  Like pain. Many times, it’s the New Normal following a workout - the annoying, nagging soreness you can experience after a simple physical activity like cycling or running or yoga or cross-training or golf even a low-impact jog along the beach.

What could possibly go wrong with your body?  As it turns out, plenty.  But that doesn’t mean there is nothing you can do about it.

This is where the Oska Pulse comes in.  The world’s first and only portable, wearable pain-relief device that employs the cutting-edge Pulsed Electromagetic Field [PEMF] technology is here to help.

How it works is actually pretty simple.  Timed electromagnetic pulses help increase blood flow, which reduces inflammation, promotes healing and eases pain.  That makes it valuable.  The fact that the Oska Pulse is wearable also makes it convenient.

So the fact is, recovering from even strenuous physical workouts and any lingering pain has never been easier - without taking medication - or more effective.

In fact, the Navy Seals use the Oska Pulse after training and it’s probable that their physical workouts are a lot more strenuous than a lot of ours.

Your back is barking after a round of golf?  Place the Oska Pulse behind your back when you’re sitting on the sofa.  If your knees are aching after your run, then slip the Oska Pulse into the holder of its Velcro strap and wrap it around the joint.

Oska Pulse has been effective as a recovery tool by a growing fan base, including yoga lover Jody C., who said “I use Oska pre- and post-workout to relieve minor muscle aches in my lower back and calves especially.  I feel Oska has helped to increase my range of motion in such a dramatic way that my yoga practice has gone from three days a week of moderate workouts to six days of intense/advanced yoga a week, just in the last year.”*

Active sports enthusiast Jaclyn M. (who is recovering from a recent shoulder injury) uses Oska Pulse “to help address fatigue and aches after working out on my road bike or stand up paddle board. It quickly reduces inflammation and allows me to forget I had a shoulder issue in the first place.”*

You can see the advantages, and you can feel the difference, typically after the device runs through a couple of 30-minute cycles.   Oska Pulse shuts itself off after each cycle and softly beeps to let you know.  Just push the button and it’s ready to go for another cycle.   Recharge it with a plug similar to the one you use recharge your phone.

If you work out, you’re physically active and you experience some pain or discomfort, the Oska Pulse is probably an option worth considering.

*These are individual results. Your results may vary.


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