Oska Pulse: The Drug Free Pain Relief Alternative to Opioids

Oska Pulse: The Drug Free Pain Relief Alternative to Opioids

How long ago was it that the word ‘opioid’ became a household word?  Many of us probably can’t really remember when, but one thing is for certain, our world has changed because of opioids, and clearly not for the better.

It’s probably hard to come up with a more devastating modern-day addiction to the painkiller that’s wrecked lives, torn apart families and caused the untimely deaths of so many.

The use of opioids is a national scourge and there is a concerted effort to bring the problem under control.  It’s so pervasive, insidious and potentially lethal that Massachusetts authorities recently said they want to allow state hospital staff to send patients of overdoses of the painkiller to treatment centers against their will for as long as three days – just to buy more time for at-danger addicts to agree to long-term treatment.

Estimates are that 142 people die each day from opioid overdoses.  Those of us in the U.S. consume about 80 percent of the opioid painkillers in the world.

Those numbers are staggering.  Here’s another one: 100 million people in the U.S. each year are affected by chronic pain, which is considered a contributing factor to the opioid epidemic.

For those who live their lives dealing with chronic pain, the value of useful medication and surgical procedures are often a welcome alternative to the risks of opioids, but now there’s a fresh, innovative alternative to combat pain that has placed itself squarely into the conversation.

It’s technology.  It’s the Oska Pulse.  It’s the new kid on the block for taking on chronic pain.

The Oska Pulse is a safe, easy-to-use, portable and wearable health technology product designed to help reduce muscle stiffness, temporarily relieve minor pain and also increase mobility for those who have acute or chronic pain.

It’s not a drug, it’s not invasive and it works.

The Oska Pulse uses Pulsed Electromagnetic Field [PEMF] therapeutic technology that’s trusted by medical practitioners to help people live a more active and pain-free lifestyle. 

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration said that 2 million in the U.S. experience substance abuse because of prescription opioid painkillers.

Yes, 2 million.  That’s another number, but think about it . . . it is not an abstract, it’s people.

There must be another way to help relieve chronic pain than risk becoming another hapless victim of the opioid epidemic.  That is why the Oska Pulse is stepping up and taking its place as a clear and affective alternative to prescription medicine.

Oska Pulse shows us a path forward in the fight against chronic pain and against the powerful addiction of painkillers.  It’s a new and well-lighted path pointed the right way, toward finding a non-invasive, drug-free direction to a pain-free life.

Check out some customer reviews and see for yourself how Oska Pulse relieves pain.

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