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    By Thomas Bonk


    There’s a newcomer in town in Carlsbad Village, where Oska was welcomed into the community recently at a splashy ribbon-cutting party to celebrate the first brick and mortar retail store featuring Oska, the cutting edge pain-relieving device.

    “This is absolutely exciting,” said Kathleen Mandig, the business development manager for the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce, who was on hand as Oska officially opened its doors for business.

    More than 100 guests took part in the festivities, which included a ribbon-cutting by Greg Houlgate, CEO of Oska Wellness, surrounded by Oska board members and founders Greg Battle, Stephen T. Collins and Darren Wedge.


    For Battle, who also serves as chairman of the board, the store opening marked a particularly important point in the journey of Oska.

    “We wanted a place on Main and Main,” said Battle.  “Here we are.

    “In this process, we’ll learn a lot about people who are living with pain.  What makes them tick, what pain they have and what they have done to combat it in the past.  For me, this store is probably the beginning of the next step for Oska and I am absolutely proud.”

    Oska’s 1,150-square foot storefront is located only a few blocks from the beach on Carlsbad Village Drive.

    Grand Opening guests enjoyed light snacks and beverages and took a look at the Oska product on display inside the slick, modern store and also watched a television monitor that showed a series of video testimonials from some who have benefitted from Oska’s power.

    Collins, Oska’s chief financial officer and chief operating officer, said the prime location of the store is nothing but a plus.

    “It’s a great location in an athletic community,” he said.  “You’ve got cyclists, swimmers and runners and everything else in-between.  For Oska, this store means we’ve put our flag in the ground.”

    The Oska device, which uses electromagnetic pulses to help people live a more active life without pain or drugs, was invented in Australia.  Collins, Battle and Wedge are all Aussies.

    “This store is also a statement for us,” Collins said.  “It’s an old story – Australian can-do and American know-how.”

    After an appearance by Miss Carlsbad Caitlyn Farlow, Houlgate spoke briefly to the crowd that gathered outside and was large enough that many had to find room to watch on a staircase.

    “I’ve lived in Carlsbad since 1993 and I’ve always had a dream of giving back to the community,” said Houlgate, Oska’s chief executive officer.  “OK, now I can tick that box.  This is a very healthy environment and people look after one another.  Maybe a little bit of Mayberry.

    “So now Oska isn’t just the present, but we’re also a future of the community.  We can announce to the community that we‘re here and we’re serving that community.”

    Wedge, who is Oska’s Head of Australian Operations development, said the new store completes a piece of the puzzle that had been missing.

    “We needed a physical location,” he said.  “Here, we’ll be open to people from all around the world and give them hope they can actually live a pain-free life.  It gives me goosebumps to be able to talk about our success stories and talk face-to-face with people who have a passion for Oska and what it can do for people.

    “I believe this will be a welcome destination for people who live with chronic pain and who travel long distances just to experience Oska and then become part of the Oska Nation.”






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Julie, age 50.

Lower back pain

Julie is a registered nurse at the UCSD Medical Center.  She works in the operating room, specializing in abdominal, liver, and kidney transplants.

 Julie primarily wears her Oska Pulse while at work. “There is a lot of heavy lifting every day.  From instrument trays to moving patients around—it takes a toll on my back. I put Oska Pulse on with the strap and keep it around my waist all day at work – even during coffee and lunch breaks.  I also work out every morning, doing cross fit exercises at the gym.  Rowing and weight training for the most part.  Oska Pulse works great for my post-workout recovery.”

 Julie is a Southern California native who is married with two teenage children.  The family lives in Oceanside, which is just a few miles from the beach. “We love being so close to the ocean.  We bring our two dogs to walk along the beach and we go on various hikes.  My Oska Pulse is always with me – at work and play.  The relief I’m getting with Oska Pulse has been amazing.  My lower back thanks you, Oska Wellness!”